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Our Elev8 Bike new bike design makes riding bikes more comfortable and easy. Our bike will change your life. Love riding bikes again.


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MSRP:  $998.88
ON SALE: NOW ONLY  $779.00

 Once you ride our elev8, you will love it. It's 2015, Our bike is still the one and only with a full adjusting seat and comfort. Let us elev8 your health. Thanks to all of our loyal customers. Matt Papka, President

The Elev8 Bike was born on Hilton Head Island, SC where biking has become a part of life for nearly every resident. Exercise and fun are taken very seriously in Hilton Head!

At Elevate Bikes we believe that riding a bicycle should be fun and comfortable. Our Elev8 Bike brings a completely innovative frame design to the world of comfort and hybrid bicycles.
  • The Elevate bicycle design puts you in the perfect position to be comfortable and safe when riding.
  • Our patented frame features a one of a kind design that puts both of your feet flat on the ground when starting and stopping so you’ll be safer and enjoy riding more.
  • Unlike other bikes that let you touch the ground you can raise the seat as you go so your knees are in a healthy riding position.

Our innovations don’t stop there...

  • The Elevate Bike design also features an upright riding position and an easy to use internal gear system.
  • Our “high rise” handlebar gets your spine into a neutral riding position.
  • It’s easy to see where you are going and there is no pressure on your hands or wrists.
  • No leaning over!
  • No pinches in your neck!

Elev8 Bike's all new technology puts your feet flat on the ground when starting and stopping!


The design creator dreamed of a bike that made riding bikes fun again, like it was when he was a kid. The design uses a one of a kind revolutionary technology to makes the Elev8 Bike the best comfortable road bike, innovative hybrid bike design on the market today.

Our bike is just right for riding on pavement or hard packed trails and offers a great way to stay happy and in shape. Hear from a Clinical Psychologist, a Cardiologist, an Orthopedic Surgeon, and a Bicycling Expert talk about our bike in these short videos.

The Elev8 bike technology doesn’t just make stopping and stating easier, it allows you to raise the seat as you go so your knees are in a healthy riding position.

Hear an orthopedic surgeon talk about the benefits of the Elevate Bike for knee health in this short video.

Where to find an Elevate Bike

Because our Elev8 bike is so special and different from the traditional comfort bike design we decided to break the mold on how bikes are sold too. We know that buying a bicycle can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience that can take the fun out of biking or even keep people from riding. We want to eliminate those barriers to this great sport so we’ve created a Sales Program comprised of people just like you around the country. These representatives can bring our product right to you or you can meet them in a convenient location to test the Elev8 Bike.
At this time we have sales representatives and retail locations in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Arizona, Kentucky, Georgia, and Florida.
If you want to order a bike now, you can do that, too. Our bikes are for direct sale through our website and can be shipped right to your door. After a quick assembly by a local bike mechanic you’ll be on the road (or path) to having a blast!
You’ll also find our bikes in a very few select bike retail locations. A complete list of our Elevate Bike Sales Professionals and retail locations is available here.

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