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MSRP:  $998.88
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 Once you ride our elev8, you will love it. It's 2015, Our bike is still the one and only with a full adjusting seat and comfort. Let us elev8 your health. Thanks to all of our loyal customers. Matt Papka, President

 * Flat Foot Technology's breakthrough design moves the bike crank forward, so it's ahead of the seat tube, letting you pedal your bike with full power and ease.
 * The end result is an improved ride and more enjoyable biking experience.
 * An efficient, upright riding position that lets you pedal with full power and ease.
 * You're more in control.
 * You have a lower center of gravity.
 * Your back, neck and arms don't get as tired.
 * And you can plant your feet on the ground whenever you want.

Elevate Bikes brings an all new design to bicycling. This new technology has been described as the “best innovation since the invention of the hand brake”. Coupled with carefully selected components and frame features, the Elev8 bike gives you a safer, more comfortable, more enjoyable ride.

Our Seat Lowering Technology Lets You Stop and Start with Feet Flat, Unlike Most Other Bikes.

Starting and Stopping
  • Using a Suspa Gas spring and a hand activated control, the rider can raise and lower the entire seat and top-tube. This allows you to start and stop with your feet firmly on the ground which makes riding safer because it decreases the chances of tipping over.
  • Thumb Actuator activates the seat assist for raising and lowering the entire top tube and seat assembly.
  • Better balance at stopping and starting when you use our patented technology to lower the seat.

Elevate Thumb Actuator

Thumb Actuator activates the seat assist for raising and lowering the entire top tube and seat assembly.

Seat Height
  • The ability to change your riding position (seat height) while pedaling also lets the rider get the ideal leg extension to protect knees and to help make cycling more comfortable, efficient, and ergonomic.

  • Sitting more upright on a bike, as you do on an Elevate Bike allows you to see your surroundings better. Sitting up can also increase your visibility to other road and bike path users.
  • Our upright riding position puts your spine in a healthy posture and helps you see your surroundings.

  • The Elevate Bike frame design puts the rider in an “upright” riding position for comfort. This position reduces pressure on rider’s wrists and also places the spine in a neutral riding position.
  • Having an seat that can be raised and lowered while riding lets the rider control knee angle during pedaling. Getting your knee into optimal extension makes riding a bicycle less painful and more comfortable.
  • The Elev8 bike also includes front and rear suspension which helps absorb vibration and bumps making your ride smoother.

Lifestyle Bike
Elevate Bike Seat
elv8 bikes
MSRP:  $998.88
ON SALE: NOW ONLY  $779.00
Due to the tremendous response, elev8bikes is extending the Promotional Price.
Thank you, Matt Papka, President

Whether you ride your bike for fun or for exercise, bicycle riding is a lot more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. As someone who enjoys bicycling, you already know how beneficial it can be for your health. The problem that comes with most bikes out on the market today is that they are not properly designed to comfortably hold us. What the Elev8 Bike offers is a healthy bike riding experience. struggling to get on and off the bike, and several other issues that can lead to complications with our joints and muscles in the future. If you’ve been subjected to any discomfort while riding, it’s time for an ergonomical bike that offers you comfortable riding while still being good for your health.

Elev8 bikes (pronounced Elevate) is the perfect combination of a hybrid bicycle and comfort bike, that offers flat foot stopping. Our ergonomic design helps to keep you muscles and joints in complete comfort while you’re riding. This custom bike is designed to conform to shape and height of your body. High-rise handlebars keep your upper body riding in an upright position, rather than being slouched over to hold the handlebars like most other road bikes. The end result is proper spinal position, which can prevent lower back pain and neck pinching that usually comes with other bikes.

This idea of this comfortable bike is to help you improve your lifestyle of bicycling and making sure that your form is just as healthy as the exercise itself. Most other bikes don’t offer the proper setup, and the health benefits are often offset by your poor posture. So whether you need a comfort bike, road bike, lifestyle bike, or a hybrid bicycle, the Elev8 bike is going to be the perfect alternative.

When it comes to a lifestyle bike, it’s ultimately important that you ride in comfort so as not to injure yourself. A comfortable bicycle will help you in the long term while you care for your health in the short term. Caring for your muscles, your back and your neck while you ride can make for an even more enjoyable experience for several happy years of riding.

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